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In WATOBO version 0.9.9 I introduced a new plugin which builds a bridge between WATOBO and sqlmap.

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WATOBO 0.9.9 Supports Transparent Mode

“Cool, WATOBO can act as a transparent proxy. But why do I need this feature?” Right, most of the time when you’re pentesting a web application you only have to configure your browser to use a proxy. This will work for most of the applications designed for web browsers.

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Installing WATOBO on BackTrack 5R2

The following script installs all necessary gems on your BackTrack system:

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IRB Hacking Extensions

I just wrote a little .irbrc file which extends the IRB to an easy to use hacking tool. Most of the features (“Monkey Patches”) are only a kind of command aliasing to satisfy my laziness. But there are also some neat methods, like hexdump or decode_cisco7 which provide more complex functionalities.

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